Sunday, July 23, 2017

Neil Brough who worked at Halley VI reacted negatively to my post about Halley bruff on the brunt_antarctica

Quote from Neil...

Don't give up your day job if you have one... Cause your reporting sucks.. You should try reporting for the daily mail

Rick says-- here's my original post about Halley
Rick Potvin's Virtual Circumnavigation of Antarctica to Decide if Earth is Global or Flat: Is Halley VI fake? Is it being "decommissioned"?

Rick says this about Neil-- I find it non-academic and insulting to have a worker castigate my research with a quip like he made and using the language he used. There are lots of ordinary workers, apparently, at the stations in Antarctica-- if the stations are not all fake as Jungle Surfer is suggesting. We're to believe that there are a small cadre of science researchers and engineers supported by crews who do the grunt work-- possibly a ration of 10 to 1. Neil strikes me as potentially one of the 10 rather than 1. I admire his moxy in posting to my blog however and I'll attempt to converse with him in the near future for whatever it's worth. I'm pretty civil to all sorts of people given my background in dealing with the public in sales.