Thursday, May 10, 2018

My Virtual60,000 mile Trek around 60 S in a movie script.

Stardate: May 10, 2018 by Rick Potvin... Virtual Captain Potvin, that is.

I had a thoughtful commenter wonder if this blog was still operating. It is. In slow motion since I have other life situations I'm dealing with. The life of a virtual captain isn't easy. Nothing is. Neither is what I'm about to say here and now-- stimulated by that last commenter.

As it turns out, I've been absorbed by the ideas of Aaron Dover and others on youtube who point out that it's not possible for passenger jets to be carrying the fuel they claim they carry. It's pretty convincing stuff. It leads to the idea that jet engines are more revoluationary that we've been led to believe because they don't use fuel. They compress air and use that to fly. Or they use the fuel-in-the-air-- either compressed oxygen or compressed nitrogen, to combust. But they do not carry liquid fuel.

This led me to rethink how to circumnavigate the 60S parallel above the Southern Ocean easily, safely, quickly, repeatably, and in comfort--- including a piano lounge on board. On an aircraft, a turbine compressor engine is called a jet engine or a turbofan jet engine or a turbojet. The same type of machine that uses compressed air to move a craft is called a gas turbine engine on a ship. I ran across an argument that explained how Chinese factories can ship America so much cargo is that the transportation cost is negligable since cargo ships are using gas turbine -- or more easily understood as jet engines-- which don't use any fuel-- but rather use compressed air.

In considering how to travel around 60,000 miles above the illegal zone of the southern ocean, I have previously thought about jet airplanes, cruise ships, and yachts-- but I have never previously given thought to the engine that powers these craft before. Now I do. Because if the jet engine is a perpetual motion machine as the conspiracy people are saying it is, then this might make a difference in how we approach the circumnavigation. I certainly don't want to end up wandering around like Captain Cooke did. And I certainly don't believe those sailboats make it around as they claim to in the Vendee races and other similar ventures.

All organized travel agencies that run people to the Antarctic and back are useless in my view because they, despite having the potential to circumnavigate, either will not or cannot do the trip. It turns out that most of them have diesel engines running on LNG. They simply don't have enough fuel. The same would be true of most yachts. It turns out, I read somewhere however, that the jet-engine-on-a-ship called a gas turbine engine-- the gas in reality being compressed air-- which is misleading because we're being led to believe that jet engines are powered by some sort of liquid fuel when they say "gas turbine"-- is being used more and more-- on ships all over the place especially in the military where they've been used for decades to run aircraft carriers for instance.

So the only way to circumnavigate 60S or even to circumnavigate Antarctica, in one fell swoop, is to do it in a craft powered by one of these new almost-magical-high-tech-science-fiction "jet engines"...powered by compressed air-- which is the best way to express it right now. I'm not sure of what is combusted-- it has to be the compressed oxygen and nitrigen which make up most of the air-- if anything. There might be a bit of fuel on board jet planes and ships to get a compressor started but once once start up is accomplished, the thing runs on its own. Look up "runaway diesel" and I think there is some connection between that phenomemon and the jet engine-- which is a controlled "runaway" reactor of some sort-- right out of science fiction that has been covered up for decades.

Now about that movie.

From time to time, commenters here have goaded me into considering doing the trip in reality. I constantly have to remind myself that this blog is about a virtual circumnavigation. In others words, I'm not going. I barely go around the block these days. I go to work and back. I go grocery shopping and back. If I go to a store other than a grocery store, that's a very big deal for me. I'm concerned about the tread getting to thin on my tires with the upcoming summer heat here in Phoenix. I really hate going out and about, more often than not. I'm a highly unlikely candidate for an actual mission around 60S. So I once again put that to rest.

The next best thing I can think of to this blog and virtual trip is to create elements, here, for a full blown 2 hour feature made-for-tv-movie. Of course, the element of the movie that has characters showing off a new jet engine and talking about how it actually works and how this has been covered up by the powers-that-be would be embedded in that movie. I imagine the movie version to be remeniscent of something like Star Trek, with its excellent charaters and high tech machines. Only the 5 year mission might be a 5 month mission to circle the Southern Ocean to test for distance. This is likely too arcane an idea for a movie studio to consider. Maybe I should start with a comic book. Which brings to mind.. comic books... and how jet engines are portrayed in comic books.

Anyway, I'm still around. And this is the general direction I'm thinking. I'll try to update this post in coming days with pretty pictures and diagrams of jet engines and ships powered by the jet engine called gas turbines. I'll try to find the youtubes I've been viewing about the jet engine hoax again-- since I had a hard drive crash on me recently and I lost some links I collected on this. Anyone can easily find them again using "jet engine hoax" and the subsequent suggestions by youtube search.

End of transmission for now.

Virtual Captain Rick Potvin in April 2018... with my last attempt to
grow my hair long before I get too old.

UPDATE on May 13, 2018.

THE ORIGINAL COMMENTER who queried my whereabouts has not responded to this new blog post yet. I imagine she's disappointed in my not wanting to physically go around the the 60S merry-go-round but to play-it-safe and do it virtually from the safety of this blog. I think a lot of women wish to "travel". When I explore the ads, that's that they all express an interest in. It's fairly insane, actually.

I HAVE AN OLD OUT-DATED BROWSER so I can't view youtubes at this time on any topic including this one. I did a search on printed material however and found this...

You won't believe this. I've never really thought about this before but how could
aluminum airplane wing hold 250 Tons!!!!! There is no fucking way those wings could hold that much weight!!! An Abrams tank weighs between 50 to 60 tons depending on armor package.... do you honestly think each wing could hold 2 Abrams tanks???? LOL!!! Even one of these tanks with sheer that wing clean off!!! Some thin aluminum and pop rivets is not going to hold in Abrams
source: Jet fuel hoax!!! Free energy????? WTF!!! — Steemit
found via search on... jet engine hoax - Yahoo Search Results

Rick says... MAkes sense. A youtube will take 30 minutes to say what this says in a readable 10 second paragraph.