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Easier route at 60S rather than Antarctica circumnavigation.

It occurs to me this morning that following the route of the apparent Vendee racers at 60S latitude might be easier to do than to visit all the Antarctic stations in a tight circumnavigation of Antarctica. circumference of the earth at 60 degrees south - Google Search

60th parallel south - Wikipedia

The 60th parallel south is a circle of latitude that is 60 degrees south of the Earth's equatorial plane. No land lies on the parallel — it crosses nothing but ocean.

The circumference of a globe at 0 should be about 40,000 km, they say. What is that in miles? 
24854.848 miles

At 0 latitude, we have 24,901 miles.
At 60 lat., we have 12,482 miles.
If the earth is flat, then it cannot be 12,482 miles. It will have to be larger than 25,000 miles. More exactly, it will have to be between 25,000 and 70,000. See previous entries on why 70,000 is chosen.*

60 is 2/3 of 90 so circumference on a flat earth at 60 should be about 2/3 of 70,000 or 46,000. This is roughly 4X the distance of a spherical earth. 

Various maps of the Vendee route, re-examined, will remind us of the open ocean we should experience.

The said time of the route completion is about 109 days or just over 3 months. If the speeds are maintained on a flat earth model, it should take 4X that time or roughly a year. Captain Cook's famous zig zag circumnavigation took 2 years so this is within a reasonable order of magnitude. 

If the race is being faked, then this is an excruciatingly complicated ruse since there is so much detail involved. 

There are many participants and a repetition of the race every 4 years like the Olympics. So it should be easier to connect with a racer and get first hand accounts and verifications. Or it might be easier to enroll in the race itself or to simply follow one of the racers. Or it might even be easier to sail the route in a more comfortable ship rather than a sailboat. 

Presentation - Vendée Globe 2016-2017

The Vendée Globe is still the only non-stop solo round the world race without ... to make a compromise between the shortest route, which is the furthest south, ...

As can be seen from the latest version of this race, there are a lot of corporate sponsors. So as a hoax, they would all have to be in on it.  Its hard to imagine how this is possible. But that's my theory. We could blow the lid off the spherical earth simply by trying to REPLICATE the Vendee Route in terms of time and distance. We don't have to follow a tight circumnavigation of Antarctica which never seems to get done, even by Antarctic authorities doing inspections. This is one of those ideas that lead me to think-- "why didn't I think of this before?"

From the above search, 'distance of the vendee globe race', I noted the following individual's website. He participated in all the races. The website is devoid of confirmation type evidence and smacks of the typical competition ego driven accolades of so called winners. I can't tell if the 2016-17 race is complete yet.

Arrived on 20/01/17 at 08:37
Race time : 74d 19h 35m 15s (+15h 59m 29s)

It appears as though he complete the race in well under 3 months-- at 74 days on Jan. 20, 2017 and it appears he came in 2nd. His official personal website is here... It's heavy on graphics and images but short on readable information.

Keep in mind that the 74 days includes the north/south trip between France and the 60th S latitude which is considerable. 

1 - Start of the Vendée Globe yacht race on 6 November 2016 ...

At 1:02 pm on 6 November 2016, the eighth edition of the non-stop, solo, unassisted round-the-world yacht race sets sail from Les Sables-d'Olonne. IMG_92243 ...

1 DAY - From €249 per person
Book your seat onboard a passenger boat to watch the start of the race at sea.
On Sunday, 6th November 2016, feel the emotion of the big departure along the Vendée Globe boats!

Experience the last good-byes on the pontoon, shiver when leaving the harbour, and be onsite to hear the gun shot to the start of the most extraordinary offshore solo races.
Here we see that yu can watch the start of the face from a "passenger boat". Well, it's a small step to then FOLLOW the sailboats while ON the passenger ship. 
Sunday, 6th November 2016:
10.30 am:
 welcome aboard your passenger boat.11.30 am: boat leaves harbour to reach the passenger boats' dedicated area.12.15 am: lunch box onboard.01.02 pm: start of the race: follow the racing boats for the first few hours of the round the world race, with live commentary onboard by a professional skipper.04.00 pm: return to Les Sables d'Olonne harbour.
End of hospitality event.
At the following discussion, they look at what consistutes winning and what consitutes a lead. This is probably useful.
The lying New York Times had a big article about the winner and provides a few more numbers... such as the 28,000 mile distance covered.
Le Cléac’h — the runner-up in the last edition, four years ago — finished this time in 74 days 3 hours 35 minutes 46 seconds, breaking the race record by nearly four days. The British sailor Alex Thomson finished the 28,000-mile race on Friday, 15 hours behind Le Cléac’h. Jeremie Beyou, in third place, completed the race on Monday, only about four hours short of François Gabart’s previous race record, 78 days 2 hours 16 minutes 40 seconds, from 2012.
Recall, from the start of this post, that the circumference of a globular earth at 60S is about 12,482 miles. So the 28,000 mile distance is more than 2X that distance already-- but that might be due to the north south route from France to the 60, both ways. We'd have to see what that latitude of the starting point is and get the distance on a globe, they say, from France to the 60. It should be roughly the difference between the circumference and the distance covered by the racer, or 1/2 of 28,000 less 12,482..,. or 15,482 / 2  or about 7.750 miles. That seems a bit much but it's just an estimate at this time. The full circumnavigation of a flat earth at 60S should be roughly 4 or 5X the globular distance or 46,000 miles. 
I'll explore more about 60S, the chosen latitude for the race, and other interesting things about that latitude in future updates to this post. 

Why 60 South?

60 degrees south is also a natural dividing line where the ocean and air currents circle the planet without any land to disrupt the flow. The encircling ocea

60th parallel south - Wikipedia

The 60th parallel south is a circle of latitude that is 60 degrees south of the Earth's equatorial plane. No land lies on the parallel — it crosses nothing but ocean.

Traveling around 60 degrees south - The Flat Earth Society

Traveling around 60 degrees south. ... Of course on a sphere, it would take 1 day (+60 & -60are the same). So does it take 5x (5/1) as long as 

 So, proving or disproving Flat Earth is as simple as getting a boat to go around -60 and seeing if it takes 2.5 weeks (1/2 a month) or 12.4 weeks (3 months) to go around!!!

Why 60 South?

The Antarctic Treaty establishes the region south of 60 degrees latitude as Antarctic Territory. The oceans, ice and land within this boundary are not owned by any country, but are set aside as a place for scientific and peaceful purposes. It is truly international territory -- while the treaty is in effect, no single country may control it, no military may possess it or conduct nuclear tests, and no territorial claims are recognized.

What we need is a GROUP CIRCUMNAVIGATION-- forget about the solo circumnavigations. 

Rick says-- I've read about this voyage previously but can't verify it.
First circumnavigation of Antarctica by tourist ship | Polar Record | Cambridge Core

Rick says-- The following blog is an interesting account. I imagine a similar blog for someone like me or me to blog about circumnavigating 60S to verify distance. 

Rick says-- I'm looking at Marguaritaville- Jimmy Buffett videos as a model for a retirement cruise that would go around 60.

Rick says-- the following video is by the annoying chipmunk but is interesting and relevent to my proposal.

Rick says-- these could be fake but it provides a model for what I'd like to do. I thought this podcast was going to be realtime but it seems it's a retrospect which obviously doesn't have realtime narration which sucks bigtime. 

The Circumnavigators - by Don Holm - Chapter 21 - STexBoat
The circumference of the earth at 60 deg south latitude is half what it is at the equator; our ... the first ferro-cement vessel to circumnavigate, now carrying her owners, Dr. ... A sixty-foot exhaust pipe was fitted from the engine forward through the two ... Griffith and his wife made a shakedown cruise up the California coast, and ...

Rick says ... no... it's 2X the distance. 

 The circumference of the earth at 60 deg south
         latitude is half what it is at the equator;
cruise around 60 S latitude circumnavigation - Google Search

Rick says.. You know what? I think the 60 has a lot more WAR going on than Antarctica or near Antarctica circumnav.
The Circumnavigators - by Don Holm - Chapter 21

Rick says.. wow. 
2. Soon after the Griffiths' voyage, Dr. David Lewis, another well- known circumnavigator, departed on an attempt to circle the globe at 60° S nonstop and solo, on the small Icebird

The Circumnavigators - by Don Holm - Table of Contents

Great graphics
Debunked: The Flat Earth Theory. 14 Ways the Flat Earth Theory is False | Metabunk