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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ridiculous Yacht Race Around Antarctica can't be Real.

ABOVE, we see a diagram of the "race track" around Antarctica for the VENDEE GLOBE race that starts in France. When I first ran across this, I thought it was some kind of joke or maybe a board game. But no. This is being promoted as the real thing with a full entry and history on Wikipedia. Note the "gates", the "sections" and so on. What is MISSING-- are the numerous radar points along the Antarctic coast (I'll find the map later)... that could act as checkpoints. There are numerous questions raised when considering this "race"-- Let's get started.

SEARCH shows 200K + hits for
yacht race around antarctica - Google Search

WIKIPEDIA ENTRY on this race named "VENDEE GLOBE"-- which is funny to me because if the earth is flat, the creator or sponsors of this race feel so insecure about their "globe" earth cover-up that they just HAD to put the word "GLOBE" into the name of the race-- as if to make sure the word got out again-- just as it has with the use of the word globe instead of world-- for decades now. (I forget who, among the flat earthers, pointed out the use of the word "global" instead of "world".)

Vendée Globe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The Vendée Globe is a round-the-world single-handed yacht race, sailed ... then clockwisearound Antarctica, keeping Cape Leeuwin and Cape Horn to port; ...

The Vendée Globe is a round-the-world single-handed yacht race, sailed non-stop and without assistance.[1] The race was founded by Philippe Jeantot in 1989,[2] and since 1992 has taken place every four years. The 2016–2017 edition is planned to start on Sunday, 6 November 2016.[3]

Rick says... Here is the map Wikipedia -- and even perhaps the race organizers use to show their route. Why this projection? Why not a tilted projection showing the "bottom" of their "globe" in all its glory? 

Here's a google search on 

I liked this result -- it shows the map as Wiki and the race organizers SHOULD show it so that we can understand the route, the markers, the timing and so on. Of course, they won't use a map that HELPS us to understand-- only maps that sort of leave us CONFUSED. 

Consider the alternative possible route on a flat earth where it would be impossible to travel the 60,000 mile Antarctic perimeter in a sailboat. To fool the public, the organizers would simply sail from France down to South Africa, turn around and go to Tierra Del Fuego and then return to France SAYING they travelled "around Antarctica". 

If the world is flat, the following route could advertised as a race around Antarctica-- a loop in the mid-Atlantic, a stop in Rio-- and they call it day.

Here's an even more likely hoax scenario. The Sailboats leave France then dock somewhere in a friendly North African country where they have a green screen studio complete with wind-tunnels and artificial ice. They could pretend they've sailed into Antarctic waters between studio breaks and parties whooping it up, joyous in the fact that they're highly paid lackeys of the Global Hoaxers.

If the world is flat, the following map represents a route I imagine they'd have to take: a 60,000 mile trip around the ice rim. I found a radar pinger system map which I think might be real-- but I lost it for now-- and have merely place my own radar-pinger system in purple dots around the ice rim. The race would have to check in somehow with radar or radio pulses at each checkpoint. I haven't seen anything of this sort written about regarding the race. 

If the world turns out to be indeed a globe, a reasonable race around Antarctica would START at a South American Chilean or Argentine city with big fanfare at a big dock with lots of journalists and flat earthers. They should be monitered as they circumscribe the island via the radar/radar checkpoints. Starting and ending the race in the northern hemisphere itself makes this race highly suspect. 

How have these organizers been able to get away with this "race" for a few decades-- every four years-- -without major mainstream media attention let alone critical analysis?  I seem to be the first one ever pointing to this as fake.... even POTENTIALLY fake. Is everyone so caught up in the rat race and phony terror that there's no time or energy to debunk obvious candidates like this? Well... I'll just do my best in coming weeks. Thanks to Felix for helping out. We're getting more hits than I thought possible on this blog-- everyone is invited to contribute to solving this puzzle. 

I'll get back to the AIRPLANE / fuel mileage distance analysis soon... this yacht race caught my attention a few months ago and this is the first time I took it seriously-- simply because it begs to be looked at in the context I'm considering here-- which is the earth could very well be flat.. and this race a propaganda piece for the globe-- just like NASA's phony space program and fish eye lens views of the horizon & other fakery.

Rather than a yacht race around Antarctica, I'd like to see a Jet Plane Race around Antarctica. I'll think on what that would entail in coming months. 


  1. There precious little documentary evidence of one of the very rare and compartively recent "circumnavigations" of Antarctic, that allegedly by the Russian Icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov in 1996/7
    The other two authors are ornithologists on this brief Cambridge paper. What of the 66 passengers who allegedly forked out big bucks? Is there any photographic or video evidence? I don't see any.
    Some heated discussion here about that mysterious never to be repeated voyage.

    advertised here [first archived google capture June 1 2007]
    We invite you to join us on a historic voyage completely around Antarctica - a first for Antarctic tourism and one of perhaps 10 circumnavigations in the 220 years since Cook's voyage. Until now, no passenger-carrying vessel has had the power or range to circumnavigate this last great continent.

    In early November 1996 we sail south from Ushuaia, the world's southernmost city, on the first leg of a remarkable 12,000-mile journey - a voyage that includes numerous emperor penguin rookeries located all around the continent, timed early enough to witness thousands of their young on the ice......Expertly-piloted helicopters land us on immense tabular icebergs and atop the extraordinary floating ice shelves, the biggest anywhere...... An essential feature of icebreaker expeditions, the ship’s versatile helicopters take us to othewise inaccessible rookeries and landing sites blocked by ice. Our voyage will be led by a staff of experienced naturalists, lecturers and special guest speakers, a hallmark of Quark Expeditions....

    It seems like a very large hammer to crack a small nut, superficially to do a bit of birdwatching.

  2. The Kapitan's Kapitan

    The 1996/7 journey proven in this "fun fact" tweet of Quark Expedtions

  3. Another circumnavigation -


    This seems more difficult as only two people have apparently achieved it. 45 degrees south only
    Lisa Blair, 29, will leave Western Australia in December 2015 in a 50-foot yacht for the estimated 15,000 nautical mile journey.
    She wants to become the first woman to achieve the feat.


    It seems a little odd because most of the route of the Vendee seems to be around 50 degrees S

    And a curious entry for Jon Sanders in his wiki page
    Jon Sanders was the first man to circumnavigate Antarctica [clarification needed], circling the continent twice in 1981 – 1982.

    I think we do need clarification!

  4. This site describes the trips of Brazilian couple....


    listing a [Austral] Summer 1997 journey as a semi circumnavigation of Antarctica, whatever that is [see below]

    Between the two of us – Gunnar with his recent 45-day expedition to East Antarctica (beginning Nov.26, 2002 in Lyttleton, New Zealand and spending Christmas and New Year’s at sea) and Zelfa with her 1997 West Antarctica voyage (28 days from Stanley, Falklands to the Ross Sea region and then to Lyttleton, NZ)
    – we have completed a Full Circumnavigation of Antarctica, sailing 29,513 Km on board the incredible icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov.

    i.e neither has complete a full circumnavigtion....
    However we subsequently read there that
    Gunnar boarded once again the icebreaker Kapitan Khlebninkov in Ushuaia last December 17, 2004. This time he has completed the Full Circumnavigation of Antarctica, sailing south of the Antarctic Circle.

    Funny things is, when you go to the company's brochure for December 2004
    it wasn't a full circumnavigation which was advertised,so it's his own 2-part circumnavigation....

    Semi-Circumnavigation of Antarctica
    December 16, 2004 - January 14, 2005

    Ushuaia, Argentina - Lyttelton, New Zealand
    Here's the map


    So, was the full "circumnavigation" of 1996/7 ever repeated? I suspect not.

  5. Actually a second full circumnavigation was publicised in 2002

    Full Circumnavigation of Antarctica 2002 - 2003
    It is with great excitement that we present you with the details for the most unique polar journey in expedition travel - our forthcoming Full Circumnavigation of Antarctica, on board the icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov. Only the second time ever in Antarctic tourism... and the chance of a lifetime!

    Itinerary planning has been extensive and we are assembling a first rate team of expert expedition staff and lecturers to sail with us on this ultimate voyage to the ice. Our vessel Captain, Petr Golikov, has a tremendous amount of ice navigation experience - he commanded the ship during our first successful Circumnavigation of Antarctica in 1997 and is considered to be one of the most accomplished of all navigators in Antarctic waters. The voyage will be led by Werner Stambach, an Antarctic veteran well known to many of our repeat expeditioners, who has worked with Captain Golikov on many previous adventures.


    However, we note....

    The voyage may also be booked in segments as follows:

    The Far Side & The Weddell Sea
    Lyttleton - Ushuaia
    November 26, 2002 to January 10, 2003

    The Peninsula, Phantom Coast & The Ross Sea
    Ushuaia - Lyttleton
    January 3, 2003 to February 1, 2003

    Which implies two vessels, as the dates overlap.

    maps here not available [!]

    Ah, there is a shuttle carried out to and from Ushuaia by the vessel Professor Multanovskiy to the transfer point on Deception Island on January 7 2003
    January 7, Deception Island, South Shetland Islands
    We sail into the flooded caldera at Deception Island, an active volcano said to be one of the most remarkable crater islands in the world. Steam rises from the black sand beaches along its shores.

    Passenger Transfer at Deception Island

    Here we will meet the Professor Multanovskiy carrying new expedition members who will join us for the second leg of our journey. As the departing expeditioners take with them great memories of their adventure aboard the Kapitan Khlebnikov, their journey will continue through the Drake Passage en route to Ushuaia, Argentina. Upon arrival on January 10 they disembark and will transfer independently to the airport for flights* bound for home.


    1. I looked up route map diagrams for the Antarctic cruise for that Russian passenger ship, and none of them show circumnavigation. They all show a route going to the antarctic, then turning back up again...

  6. Wow, Felix-- thanks for the legwork. I've been looking up some of those links. The first one from the U of Cambridge is particularly catching my interest for the moment. It also appears Quark is in on this hoax-- if the earth is flat. The other thing that caught my attention is your pointing out the 50 deg south latitude for the for Vendee Global. I'm still getting familiar with my latitudes-- and that does seem a bit high-- even if the world is global. One more thing that stood out is the $35,000 ticket. That's a lotta dough for a cruise... especially for a hoax like this could be.

  7. Two more points-- I'll try to get on the list of people who have circumnavigated Antarctica-- I'll claim to have gone around "virtually" and get recognized by Guiness Book of Records. I'm sure my point can at least be submitted to judges once I do it. The other point is this-- if they can sail around, they can fly around. Where are the airliners or jet planes claiming to have circled Antarctica? Which country of the Antarctic Treaty will be first to make arrangements to land at every perimeter / coastal base with an ice runway--- simply to do it because it can be done?

  8. Rick - I started getting interested in this work without any position on the earth. It's been very interesting learning more about Antarctica and I am starting to see red flags everywhere. Things are just not adding up. That's all I can say now. Here's the latest curious twist - an attempted balloon circumnavigation of Antarctica by our friends at NASA which, wait for it, had to be aborted just before the circle was closed.....

    Nasa terminated the balloon flight above a remote area near the Queensland and New South Wales border, east of Sturt National Park, for safety reasons after controllers detected a leak.


    ho hum. Was it following the wind?

    It was expected to circumnavigate the globe once every one to three weeks

    A Nasa spokesman told Fairfax that the flight was terminated earlier than hoped but the agency was thrilled with a flight record of more than 30 days, in conditions never flown before...The super-pressure balloon was designed to maintain a positive internal pressure and shape irrespective of its external environment, maintaining a constant float altitude of 33.5 kilometres (110,000 ft).


    It all looks a bit hoaxy


  9. What about rowing around Antarctica? Olly Hicks abandoned, and I'm not sure what became of the second attempt in 2011



    hmmm note the presence of Virgin....
    Olly Hicks anticipates taking some 18-22 months for the whole voyage around Antarctica and he will be at sea all that time, except for over-wintering on South Georgia. Hicks knowingly tackles what is arguably the world’s most hostile environment, the Southern Ocean, having made a prior recce trip aboard a larger vessel.

    Hicks plans to circumnavigate Antarctica at roughly 55 degrees south, departing from Tasmania in January 2009. From there he will drop south to pass below New Zealand's South Island before heading east across the South Pacific Ocean towards Cape Horn. Here Hicks aims to pass through the Drake Passage, at around 58 degrees south, before making course for South Georgia.

    What happened?
    After 96 days he landed in New Zealand, writing history again to become the first to row the Tasman Sea, but due to a fundamental boat design flaw the voyage had to be suspended.
    Olly knows that the expedition is well within his grasp.

    It wasn't in the grasp of Englishman Colin Yeates in 2006
    On Saturday afternoon February 18, Colin Yeates was taken off the Charlie Rossiter by the crew of the Commonwealths fisheries protection ship Dorada, which was diverted from routine duties to find him.....According to Colin, conditions were so bad that he was forced to leave everything on board and abandoned ship.

    Because it was deemed too risky to get a tow attached, the decision was taken to sink the Charlie Rossiter in order to prevent it from becoming a navigation hazard.

    Among the technology he left behind was a sat phone, digital camera, VHS, radio system, 9 solar panels and a wind generator all this does not come cheap. He also left all 4 Argos beacons (around $1,500 each) on board along with thousands of dollars worth of equipment not to mention the boat itself.

    Oh dear, all evidence lost.
    The Dorado then attempted sink Colins boat with their 20mm canon guns. Although left holed, the Charlie Rossiter refused to sink and was eventually left to drift. Colin was returned to Port Stanley the same day.

    I can confirm he has abandoned his attempt to circumnavigate the Antarctic and is flying back to the UK on the first available flight next Saturday, Simon told ExWeb.

    On Monday, Jan 2nd 2006, Colin Yeates set off to become the first person in history to row alone and unsupported and non-stop around Antarctica. Four years in the making, the 21,630km (11,300 miles or the equivalent of traveling the Atlantic Ocean 3 times) journey was expected to take him nearly a year to complete.

    Colin spent six years in the Merchant Navy and served under the British Royal Navy during the Falklands War.

    That's enough red flags for the moment.

  10. Ollie and the flying carrot


  11. Yeah, if NASA faked the moon landing and the shuttle, they surely can fake Antarctica as an island. It's proving to be harder than I expected to prove mileages around the "continent". Thanks again for the extra work. It's hard to believe that wind goes round and round as they say. This is the first time I've seen anything put to flight around Antarctica-- so good find.

    A 14,000 mi coastal radius should take 28 hours to fly around at 500 mph. Landings and takeoffs would extend it so that it might reasonably be 2 days. Large passenger tour planes could do it now with blue ice runways and permission to land. A flat earth would take 4X as long or over a week, maybe 2 weeks. Quantus airliners would be able to do it and have the political connections. I'll write them with this idea and see what they say.

  12. Here's another one - a lone French sailor, Stéphane Narvaez, one of only six who has sailed round the world singlehanded against the wind planned to sail to the southern oceans and do four circuits around Cape of Good Hope and Cape Horn in 2014-5

    The only map I get is what he achieved, i.e. the South Atlantic and back. What happened?

    Well, on the night of June 30 2014 at only 38 degrees S, he spies an iceberg of between 2 and 5 cubic metres and decides his boat is not up to it, and returns home.

    Nowhere is there a map of the route he intended to take.

    It's too crazy for words.

    We're just left with this charming logo showing an Antarctic continent surrounded by ocean

    He has uploaded no video from this trip.

    This German site has the best description of what might have been [could never have been?]

    Where we find this extraordinary route!

    Four times round Antarctica!

  13. I was reading your posts here again today and will try to make a blog post out of it. Do you want to be attributed for your public comments under felix here or no? If not, I'll just say a reader put me onto these ideas.

  14. I just found this excellent blog. There is so much to process here. I believe the secret and the answer is at Antarctica. Is it a convex or concave mass on the approach and navagation? Would one steer towards it (into it) continuously as one curves around it, making it an island continent OR would one need to continously steer away from it to hug its rim - always turning away as not to run into it and hit its wall edge. Would like to discuss if you have any thoughts. Thank you for all of the great research

    1. That's a good insight GJ. Steering into it or away from it would indeed indicate a convex or concave shape. Excellent thought.

      As I struggled to convert the paper circle into rim with scissors and paste-ups, and later struggled to place research stations on the Gleason map (azimuthal projection consistent with flat earth), that thought rattled around in the back of my mind but I didn't quite articulate it the way you did so concisely.

      It's a good thought. The first problem that occurs to me is the scale on which we're working here. It's hard to confirm slight inward steering vs. outward steering on a 15,000 or 60,000 mile circuit. Of course, if the sailboat race or any circumnavigation is real, the navigator on the ship would be able to tell us what he did to get around. THAT requires we know a navigator. And that would be interesting to pursue.

      But then-- if we could make contact with a navigator who was willing to talk to us-- even for a portion of the trip around the island-- we'd be close to selling him on a complete circumnavigation. Still-- the partial test you propose is interesting theoretically. The actual coast line is so jagged that navigation inward or outward would almost have to be conducted by an expert air or sea navigator who knew what he was doing. So overall, I think it's a good idea but the scale of the problem makes it as difficult as the original idea of a complete circumnavigation test.

      Thanks for the insight however. Great idea.

    2. Rick
      Absolutely, the scale is unimaginable ! And yes, extremely difficult to discern inward/outward turns.However, a partial coastline sail from Coats Land around to Victoria Land, is mostly circular coastline. I imagine, in every sense of the word, imagine...that plotting a course just slightly north of the delineated Arctic Circle as to avoid most if not all cragged edges. What Im saying; is a way to get a read of the overall shape and the general direction in which you steer the vessel, inward or outward (plotting the big picture). Add to this expedition, a radar/tracking device that is recording its path and can provide a graphic "map" of its journey. Now...ive imagined this scenario as well. Imagine sailing directly along 80degree longitude towards the West Ice Shelf and facing it nose in, and perpendicular to the wall. Now turn a perfect 45 degrees left...straight line. You would either hit the rim, eventually OR
      arrive on land. If it is an island cap you would be traveling away from it as it fades away from your right. Thanks for you thoughts on this!! Like I mentioned, I had not seen this aspect of Antarctica (circle or rim) explored ANYWHERE, it, for me, is the most crucial missing piece to all of it. I believe it can be an absolute undeniable proof. Simple geometry? haha

    3. Yes, this approach is nowhere else on the net-- other than a possible fake attempt by a flat earther who suggested sailing boats around antarctica in opposite directions to see when and where they meet. My simpler circumnavigation as proof is suggested possibly before me but certainly zeroing in on this as proof one way or another has never explored to the depth I'm going, before me, Captain Rick of the Antarctic Circumnavigation Flat Earth Exploration Team.

      So.... you're now going into some shoreline detail for a PARTIAL circumnavigation that indicates a convex or concave shape. It's already late tonight but I'll look at this over the next several mornings. It's the most interesting response I've had so far on this blog as it relates directly to my mission. Thanks for the hint about the "mostly circular coastline" between Coats and Victoria.... I'll dig out my maps and upload a new blog post about this which illustrations.

      I'm currently bogged down in retail / Christmas / piano so I expect to blog-post in detail on your suggestion in January.

    4. Rick
      Looking forward to your response in January. After I wrote my last post, I had another thought you might be able to speak to.
      In regard to sailing directly towards Antarctica and approaching it nose in, at the West Ice Shelf and perpendicular to its wall, then turning a 45 degree angle and sailing due ...left. Lets say that this imaginary expedition had radar tracking in real time. One of two things would be evident: If it is a rim, the ship would move counterclockwise around it. If it is an island cap and the ship hugged its shore, the ship travels clockwise around it. I would like to continue to add new ideas to your blog that you can explore at a later time after the holidays. Thanks again!

    5. OK, that one is so tricky for me to imagine right now that I have to map it out for sure. Here's what I can do right now to get started-- since "barely started" is "almost done" in my practical philosophy. (The idea behind it is that every time you act, you strengthen the motivation behind that act). I'll post a new blog entry right now on this idea. That way, you can add to this particular idea on a clean page. The page we're on right now ridicules that Vendee Race-- which got you started here. This "Partial Navigation to Detect a Convex or Concave Antarctic Shoreline" idea of yours will be the title of the post-- and the index entry as well.

    6. GJ, here's the link to the new post that will consider your idea in more detail over the next month or two....

  15. But what about people claiming the shape of Antarctica very closely resembles that of Atlantis?

    1. Hi Helizna-- I have not considered that at all. I've never heard that. Consider however that my method here will detect a circle or a rim one way or another-- and thus confirm or deny the possibility of Antarctica being Atlantis. In effect, it's effectively irrelevent to my mission. Thanks for your suggestion though.

  16. do you have a podcast or youtube channel?

    1. No, sorry. I occasionally do AbIrato's podcast as a guest at www.fakeologist.com. My youtube channel is all about my music profession and hobby as piano instructor and performer. This blog is my hottest flat earth output. I'll be sure to inform subscribers here when I appear on Fakeologist although it may not be for another year or two.

  17. The Sanders "circumnavigations" intrigue me - and they occurred way back in the early 80s. There is precious little documentation about them. Someone tried to start a FES discussion but it was blown off track into a cul-de-sac.

    His later convoluted trips seem to indicated some sort of circumnavigation of an Antarctica
    but we don't see an "Antarctica end-on map" and it's difficult to see what exactly went on.
    It's interesting to see how one has to cross the equator at some point for a documented circumnavigation of the earth.


    The only dated points on the first "transnavigation" are May 25 1986 [start, Fremantle] and July 18 1986 [Cape of Good Hope] [or July 31 in the text!] and "Rounding Cape Horn in early October 1986" then, this is where it gets cloudy...
    On 11 November 1986 (day 171), the yacht was in radio range of Qantas Flight 11 operating between Sydney and Tahiti. A talk had been arranged between the Captain of the Qantas flight and Sanders on the Parry Endeavour at sea. On this occasion, however, the two had failed to make radio contact. 52 On the 19 December 1986, Sanders maintained contact with Qantas Flight 44 operating between Auckland and Sydney for a period of over 20 minutes and the conversation was recorded and is now available in the Project Endeavour Collection. 53

    As he moved westward, he explored the ocean seabed in the Variables, south of Easter Island, with the echo sounder as instructed by John Penrose.

    'I was probing ocean beds that have never been charted'

    Sanders had promised his sponsor Kevin Parry that he would sail past the America's Cup course off Fremantle on Thursday 29 January 1987

    but nobody could board the boat, because he had to go straight off again, leg 2 of a triple "circumnavigation".
    Does even leg 1 satisfy you? It doesn't satisfy me.

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  19. has there been any update on this? this is some of the best investigation out there

    1. My latest posts are found here-- http://rickpotvinflatearth.blogspot.com/
      You can click backwards one post at a time using the "Older Post" button on the bottom right.

  20. Hmm, why on Earth would a French man propose a race starting in France?
    I guess thinking is too hard for flat earthers :/


Hi, I'm Captain Rick of the Virtual Circumference Voyage of Antarctica. I intend to prove definitively if Earth is flat or a sphere by paying careful attention to how many miles we cover as we travel "around" Antarctica. Flat earth theory says it's 50-60,000 miles. Spherical Earth theory says it 14,000 miles. Join me and ask any questions that you think would help our mission.

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