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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Repeating Antarctica Airbus Network study will prove round or flat earth.

I'm repeating this information today because I think this most closely approximates what I had in mind when it occurred to me that we can prove Earth as flat or spheroid one way or another by travelling around the perimeter of Antarctica. There was an attempt to create a network of flights between airports as early as 1968 but it was not accomplished. Considering this network again might be the best way forward on my particular mission.

Airbus: an international air transportation system for Antarctica


It is feasible to build an en- larged facility on Seymour Island, and Argentine antarctic authorities are exploring ways of up-. 16. ANTARCTIC JOURNAL ...

More on John B. Dana, US Navy, author of the PDF Airbus article


  1. Hey I have a doubt here, are you gonna take photos, videos, latitude/altitude values everytime, data? So everyone can get the main values you got and make their own calculations? Thanks.

  2. Hi Anon-- My thought was to do a "virtual reality" repeat mission like this, I think. To actually go, physically, would be idea of course-- and of course you're right about the idea of collecting and publishing raw data.

    Notice that the mileages on the map above-- and the key-- would have to be wrong if the earth is flat. If we can find contradictory data to just a part of the above map, it would help verify that we have a problem. Adding up, roughly, the diamater around the map above would be less than 15,000 miles consistent with an island on a sphere.

    All the mileages above would have to be on the order of magnitude of 4X their stated values to be consistent with flat earth rim of 60,000 miles.

    A short journey from Scott to Dumont stated as 810 miles would actually have to be 3,200 miles (4X) to be consistent with a flat earth. That ONE LEG OF THE JOURNEY ALONE could be taken "on a budget" and prove that the entire map is wrong. (or right). Scott and Dumont are well populated and there must be travel back and forth all the time between those two. In fact-- you've given me a new possible way to consider this journey-- using exactly the method I just described.... only I would do it from my desk here in Arizona. I'll go hunt for workers who make that trip and see if anyone is blogging on it or otherwise is able to "talk".

    Thanks for your input. I'll report on my findings back here when I can which should be sometime in January 2016 after my Christmas retail and concert rush going on right now. Don't be afraid to use a handle-- it's better than anonymous (so common). Why not-- Doubter?


Hi, I'm Captain Rick of the Virtual Circumference Voyage of Antarctica. I intend to prove definitively if Earth is flat or a sphere by paying careful attention to how many miles we cover as we travel "around" Antarctica. Flat earth theory says it's 50-60,000 miles. Spherical Earth theory says it 14,000 miles. Join me and ask any questions that you think would help our mission.

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